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David/Moody4Hank Small Badge And Large Stickers.

Team Moody4Hank Small Button Badges And Large Stickers:-

Moody4Hank Small Badge:

Large And Small David And Gillian Stickers.

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🛇No money will be made by this blog.

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More Information Here About David’s Connection To Target Zero:-

David Duchovny – Target Zero

David Duchovny – Lick My Face For Target Zero

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💷Our Donation Made 12th April, 2017:-

20170412_14045520170412_140419💻Please Email:🖱Or Message The Facebook Page (Link At Top Of This Page) To Place An Order.

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🐈I am a cat owner. Meet Oscar, born 8th April, 2015. All animals deserve to be loved.🐈

piZap_1488895691194🐈💜                                                                                🐕❤

NB: I have not approached David directly regarding this. Mainly because I was not sure I would receive a reply. I should imagine David’s team is contacted a great deal and therefore very busy.

I have instead provided a direct link to Target Zero’s Donation Page (See Above). This is to avoid having contact with any money myself personally and to reassure those who do choose to donate, that their money is going direct to the source.

I am an animal lover and had considered doing this for the RSPCA here in the UK, but decided on Target Zero instead, due to David Duchovny being an ambassador for the animal charity in the USA.

Should anyone connected to David read this and have any concerns, please email This page can be removed immediately upon request.

Thank you.